Zaza Rusadze  


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a documentary by Zaza Rusadze


Tbilisi, 18th of November 1983

On the evening of November 18th 1983, seven young Georgians with a dream hijacked a Soviet passenger plane. The terrorists’ aim: a dramatic escape into the glittering west. What started out as a naive fantasy quickly became a nightmare whose events leave an indelible mark on the psyche of the Georgian nation.

Zaza Rusadze directs "Bandits”, a film retracing the roots of the escapade, its victims, its survivors and its myth. In an era defined by terror, "Bandits" is a timely examination of the human side of terrorism.


a credofilm production
in collaboration with ARTE | RBB and HFF "Konrad Wolf"

© ARTE | 2003 | 52 Min | Digi-Beta | color | 1:1.37 | stereo



written and directed by Zaza Rusadze
director of photography: Levan Pataraia, Jutta Tränkle
Editing: Angela Wendt & Tamuna Karumidze
Sound Design & mix
Sascha Starke & Achim Heillmann
Music by Nikakoi
Producer: Susan Schimk & Jörg Trentmann
Commisioning editor Arte: Geri Nasarski

© 2003 credofilm | ARTE | RBB | HFF "Konrad Wol"




Audience Award
Punto de Vista - the Documentary Film Festival of Navarra, Spain

Best International Documentary
International Festival of Young Filmmakers, Miskolc, Hungary



Chicago International Documentary Film Festival, USA;
Seattle Documentary Film Festival, USA;
Golden Chest Plovdiv Int. TV Festival, Bulgaria;
Intern. Festival of Young Filmmakers Miskolc Hungary;
Tbilisi International Film Festival, Georgia;
4th oldenburger kurzfilmtage, Germany;
The Documentary Film Festival of Navarra, Spain
International Documentary Film Festtival, Ankara, Turkey