Zaza Rusadze  


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a film by Zaza Rusadze


A young rock climber envisions the beautiful mountain landscape with dried lake as a non-accessible place of his desire. The place, which he takes to be real, only exists in his dreams as a conceptual idea.

One day he wakes up in the reality of ongoing war, which he sees as flood of images on TV screen: tanks rolling, soldiers shooting and old ancient forests burning… Longing to escape the war and discover the illusionary place of his fantasy, he creates an imaginary friend to follow him throughout his dreamy journey.

Together with his made-up friend he starts ascending high rocks and mountains, so he could stand above the clouds and escape the war images in beauty of nature. Soon he finds himself alone in sad revelation. Apparently the woods in his illusionary escape world have caught the fire and not only the forests in TV images.


a Zazarilm poduction in collaboration with Sanguko Films
© 2009 | 8 min | H-DV | color | 16:9 | stereo


with - Ilo Beroshvili and Rezi Chkheidze

Screenplay by - Zaza Rusadze and Nika Machaidze
Directed by - Zaza Rusadze
Director of Photography - Tato Kotetishvili
Production Designer - Polina Rudchik
Costume Designer - Polina Rudchik
Special Effects - Nika Machaidze
Stunt Supervisor - Avto Kurasbediani
Editor - Zaza Rusadze
Sound - Goglik Gogoladze and Irakli Ivanishvili
Original Score -Tusia Beridze



Discovery Award at the 19th Cottbus Festival of East European Cinema




19th Film Festival of Eastern European Cinema Cottbus, Germany
10th Tbilisi International Film Festival, Georgia
BIAFF Batumi International Art-House Film Festival, Georgia




Bringing to my mind the war days in August 2008 in Georgia, I see myself glued to TV screen and obsessively following the news coverage. I kept asking myself whether it was possible to escape the war? Whereas Russian fighter jets were still flying across the airspace of my home country and bombing Georgian cities, I felt the need to transcend my war witnessing experience into an abstract vision of the film. FOLDS AND CRACKS was shot on video with limited technical possibilities in 4 days.

FOLDS AND CRACKS is my poetical respond to absurd hostilities in August 2008 in Georgia. This war resulted not only in killing and banishment of Georgian, Osetian and Russian people and devastation of some concrete geographical places, but also endangered the possibility of impossible – peace in my home country, maybe sadly also on our planet…